Harper Marie 21

"My story is just beginning"....

 4/4/2022 : Hey all. I've decided to bring you my adventures with the most current postings on top. Now you can keep up with me without having to scroll all the way down. If you are new here or you want to go back from the beginning, just start under the hashtags ###. Here we go !!


Hi everyone. It's been a very long time since I have updated this site for you. I know you have been anxiously waiting for me to catch you up on all my adventures. Soooooo....here goes.

When I last spoke to you the summer was starting to wind down and we were getting ready for the cooler (colder) weather to come.  Mommy and Daddy have been very busy but still able to take me places and do really fun things. I got to go on an airplane to Atlanta GA. and we went to the zoo and aquarium and saw all kinds of animals and fish. Some of them were really BIG !  My Nana Judy, Nene Colleen and AuntCece (Sandy) keep me busy during the week while Mommy and Daddy are at work and we do lots of fun things.

A couple of really neat things happened this year so far. I had another birthday in June and I turned 2 years old ! All of my friends and family came over for a big party we had in the back yard. It was lots of fun and I got spoiled with a lot of toys and games. 

But, the most exciting thing to happen was my BABY SISTER EMMA arriving on July 15th !!!  Emma Irene Miles is the cutest little baby I've ever seen. She is so small right now but I just love to hold her and cuddle her on our special pillow. I can't wait for her to get bigger so we can play together. I'll try to keep you updated on Emma's progress but for now I'm going to sign off so I can hold her before bedtime.  Bye for now. 

I'm TWO !

My friends came to help me celebrate.

Baby Emma !

She's so cuddley. I just love her !

Can we go out and play in the garage please???

Gotta look cool when I'm outside. You never know who might be strolling by !

Snack break. Gotta keep my energy up.

Reading my books is one of my favorite things. I have lots and lots of books.

Finished my laps. Coach wants to know if I can "Cannon ball" ??

Getting ready for school !!

My 1st day for school. I guess you can see how excited I am !  I can't wait to play with new friends.

Hey Everyone. It's been about 4 weeks since I posted last and there has been a lot happening. I have so much to include for you so let's Go !! We got through the rest of May with more teeth coming in, I'm walking all over the place right now, Lot's of people have been visiting and my Great Granny is up here from Florida to spend time with us! Also my BIG BIRTHDAY (1 year) happened on 6/11/22 and Mommy and Daddy threw a BIG party for me. There were so many people and lots of food and fun things to do. Lets take a look:

Yogurt makes my new teeth feel better.  I think I'm gonna  need a bath !

I smelled Daddy's smoker so I came out to get ready !

My Pretty Birthday dress.

Hop in. We're going to a PARTY !!

Nanie's cookies . Yum !

Cupcakes !

Fruit and veggies. Gotta eat healthy you know.

We all got a bucket of goodies !

I got my very own cake just for me !

This cake is GOOD !!

We had lot's of fun playing in the yard with all the toys. The "Bouncy house" was sooooo much fun !

This must be a "sugar crash". I'm ready for a nap.

"Great Granny's" birthday was on the 14th.  I am 3 days older than her ! Haha.

"GG's" birthday is on Flag Day so I wore my pretty patriotic dress.

5/11/2020: Well, today I turned 11 months old. Not sure what that means but Mommy and Daddy say that my next one will be special. The weather outside is getting nicer and I like being out in the warmth. I can play in the water pool and go for nice long walks in my stroller. This summer should be lots of fun !

11 months !!

I didn't wear my bikini. This is a family site after all.

Heck ya I want to go around the block once more !

So, you're leaving it up to me to pick dinner??

Hello Bocce Club? Yes, I'd like a large cheese pizza please.

Mommy Daddy and I had a great time in Florida.  We got to spend some special time with relatives and we went to 2 places called "The Zoo" and "The Aquarium". We had lots of fun and I got to walk around and play without my coat on !! We got to meet Great Granny and Uncle EJ, and it was very special to spend time with them and have a nice lunch. Here's some pictures of all the fun we had.

"Great Granny" and I having fun at the restaurant.

Met my "Uncle EJ" too.

There was BIG water as far as I could see. So much more than my bathtub !

Fishy's, fishy's and more fishy's ! Where's "Baby Shark" ???

Daddy showed me lot's of animals. They are WAY bigger than in my books.

4/25/22   It's been a few weeks since I talked to you so I'll try and catch you up. A few big things happened so far this month. Easter Bunny came to the house, I turned 10 months old !, I've gotten a lot better at walking and I'm all over the house now, and, the weather is starting to get a little better so we have been outdoors more.  Oh, and we are all heading down to this place called Florida for a few days. Mommy say's it's a lot different from here. I finally get to meet my Great Granny and Uncle EJ !!!  I'll try to show some pictures of our vacation when we get back. That's all I can think of for now. I'll talk to you soon.

Gotta wear the Bunny ears on Easter !

I had a real pretty Easter dress

10 months old and on the move.

I took Mommy to the playground. She needed lots of water breaks !

Daddy took us out and introduced me to my new FAVORITE thing. PIZZA !!

For some reason, I need to take a bath after I eat. Hey, Get that camera out of here !

Sooooo. What are we gonna do now ??

I don't think a nap is the right answer.

We went on this big flying car that had a whole bunch of people in it. I took advantage of the smooth ride and caught some zzzzzz's.

How is this thing staying up in the air??? Daddy say's it's like a big bird but the wings aren't even moving !

The big flying car got us all to Florida and now it's time to "hit the beach"  !!

4 / 3 / 2022  I went to Platters candy store today and guess what??? The Easter Bunny was there dropping off some special candies. I got to take my picture with him !  Here's a couple of pics with me and E.B. along with some random silly pictures. I can't be serious all the time you know.


Very soft and cushy...

Silly pigtails.

Food "Zurbits". 

This could be on the cover of "Cuteness Weekly"  !

OK one serious picture.  This is my mysterious look.

We had a couple of warmer (slightly) days out and I was able to have some adventures. Granny took me out for a couple of walks around the neighborhood. It was still a little chilly but it was nice to get outside and see all the pretty houses.  Nanie took me to the Botanical Gardens. There were so many pretty flowers with lots of colors. I even got to see some Koi fish !!  Pretty soon the weather will get much warmer and we can play outside more. Mommy and Daddy took me to the park and I went on a SWING !! It was the coolest thing ever. I could have done that forever but I think they got tired from pushing me. I love the swing!

"Cruising with Granny in my smooth ride.

Nanie and me with all the pretty flowers.


I'm not sure what I like more, Food or Books? Or maybe toys. Or "Peek a Boo". Or maybe naps. This is hard to figure out !!  All I know is when I play games I get hungry. When I eat I like to relax with a book. Then I play "Peek a Boo" and I'm ready for a nap !  Whew ....  Pretty soon I'll be 10 months old ! Maybe I can figure it out then.

I LOVE BOOKS !!   I have a lot of them. They are filled with pretty colors and pictures of people and animals and places and lots of other things. I am learning what all of theses things are. Mommy and Daddy and Nanie and Granny read to me and help me turn the pages. I like to do it all on my own but don't tell them. It will ruin their fun.

Wanna help me read a book??

Just kidding. I can do it.

"Baby Shark"  doo doo doo doo doo doo ...... Haha.


"Hi" everyone. 

I'm Harper Marie and I came into this world on June 11th.   They say it was a special day ! Mommy and Daddy say there's big things coming. I can't wait to get started !

Our new family.

My first month went by pretty quickly. I don't remember most of it but I'm told I was pretty popular.   I have a new Nanie & Grandpa and Granny & Papa and Aunts and Uncles and cousins and a "Great Granny" in Florida. Snuggling up in my comfy clothes is the best !!


2 months in and I'm starting to get the hang of this.  Rule #1: Smile and Grandparents will do whatever you want !

Ya, I can make this work for me !

3 months in and things are getting pretty exciting. I discovered what toys are ! I think pizza will be my favorite food after I get some teeth.

In October I hit 4 months old. Did you know that if you put on silly costumes that people will give you candy??!!  Pretty sure this will be my favorite holiday.  The last day of 4 months , mommy showed me what standing up was. You can tell by the look on my face that the wheels are already turning !!

Modeling career ??

This will be fun !

It's September and I learned about a funny game called Football. I don't really understand it yet but it causes people to yell at the big picture thing on the wall. Mommy  dresses me up in "special clothes" in the morning and then Daddy changes me into other "special clothes" in the afternoon. I don't understand why but they say it's important.  Papa and Grandpa like different clothes too.  I think they are crazy but either way I look pretty adorable!

Mommy, Granny and Papa's clothes.

Daddy, Nanie and Grandpa's clothes.

I turned 5 months in November and there's LOTS of changes happening. I started getting TEETH !!  I learned how to sit up on my own and I spend a lot of time in my activity center learning all about lights and sounds and music and  shapes. There's so much to do ! I can roll over on my own and pretty soon I'll figure out how to move my elbows and knees at the same time to crawl, Better unpack the gates !! Mommy and Daddy better get new sneakers. Haha.  I was Baptized on November 21st. Everyone came to watch me get my hair washed !

Cuteness overload.

Good thing I have bibs.

Watch out world. I'm coming for you !

Practicing my smile...

Turkey suit.

Got to wear Mommy's dress !

December 11. 

Well, here we are at 6 months.  My doctor said I can start eating "real food" ! I like  Carrots and beans and plums and all the fruits I've tried so far. This real food stuff is pretty good.  I have "teether" biscuits too that are yummy.  The Dr. said I am above average in all my categories and I am progressing well.  Oh ya, Christmas is coming this month. I wonder what that's all about ??

Everything goes in my mouth !

Mmmmm Biscuits.

December 22nd and I figured out how to start crawling ! I'm not very good yet and I fall over a lot but pretty soon I'll be able to chase after all my toys. There's so many new places to explore.

Well it's December 24th. Christmas eve day. Granny, Papa, Uncle James and Aunt Chelsey are coming over for a special dinner. I think they might be bringing me something ! I see some boxes under our pretty tree but I can't reach them . 

I can't wait!! This is very exciting.

Everyone is here and I'm soooo HAPPY ! I have lots of people to play with today.

I love unwrapping presents. The paper makes a crinkly noise and I get to Wear the bows on my head.

Mommy and Daddy said there is someone named "Santa Clause" that comes to visit while we are all sleeping. We made him a dish of cookies in case he gets hungry.  Have a "Merry Christmas" everyone.

It's Christmas morning and guess what????  ALL THE COOKIES ARE GONE !!!

YAY !!!! Great Granny sent me some books and a pretty dolly !! I'm going to Nanie and Grandpa's house today. I love adventures !

Daddy said he needed to help me open my gifts. He can't fool me. I think he likes the crinkly paper too.

I wonder what "Jingle juice" is ??


More toys !..................

Wonder what's in here?? TOYS !!

oh my gosh,  OH my gosh,  OH MY gosh,  OH MY GOSH !!!! Look what "Santa" brought me !! #AWESOME !

I'm NEVER coming out of here !

This is the coolest thing EVER !!

Well, we finally made it over to Nanie & Grandpa's house today.  I had to get out of my new ball pit but I was told it would be worth it.  Nanie and Grandpa had lots of cool stuff waiting for me ! I got a cool new Ladybug scooter that I love and more books and nice clothes and MORE TOYS !! I got to wear my new Christmas dress! Uncle Chris and Aunt Sydney got me a Zoo membership ! Pretty soon I can go and see real animals and all the funny noises they make. That will be fun.

Getting ready for Nanie & Grandpa's house.

Oh the places I can go !! I LOVE my Ladybug !!

Pretty books with lots of colors and pictures.

My beautiful green Christmas dress,  It's really soft.

I LOVE my Mommy and Daddy !  I am a very lucky girl to have so many people that love me too.

Christmas is exhausting. I need a nap for sure.

"Hi" everyone. I learned about a new thing today. "NEW YEARS"!  It's another thing that happens when I'm asleep.  Mommy and Daddy said it will be a while before I can stay up that late but at least I get to help celebrate things today. And, I get to where some more special clothes !! Check out my new outfits !

New bib. I sure use a lot of these every day !

I have special New Years clothes.

Welcome to 2022 everyone! "Happy New Year" !!!

It's been a pretty busy week here after the holidays. Mommy and Daddy put away all the decorations and now I have a lot more room to play ! I can sit up on my own now when I'm on the carpet and I'M CRAWLING !!! Everyone is so surprised at how far I can get in a hurry.  I can pull myself up onto things now but my balance is still pretty weird.  My legs want to start "shaking" and "dancing". I wonder if that's a sign of things to come. Hmmmm.

Mommy had a birthday on January 8th. YAY !! We got to SING ! I love singing. 

Granny came over today to play with me and  we went to get groceries. I had to go with them so they didn't forget my favorite things.  Don't worry, they bundled me up nice and warm. 

Sitting up all on my own !

Do you see how fast I'm going ???


Toasty warm and comfy. Mmmmm.

Random cuteness........

January 11, 2022

I turned 7 months old today. YAY !!  Granny came in to get me from my nap today and I was STANDING UP in my crib !  Busted.  New things are happening every day.

Yup....the big "7"

More random cuteness.........

This is mine now. "Whaddayulookinat"

Soooooo, all kinds of stuff started happening for me at 7 months. I am crawling so much better now without even thinking about it, I have more teeth coming in which is pretty annoying. I can pull myself up on things all by myself and stand up!!  Mommy and Daddy put some gates up so I can't get into places and hurt myself. I love them !!

7 months on my way to 8 .

You should feel these things. Teeth are weird.

I can see Mommy making me something in the kitchen . I hope it's cold so my new teeth feel better!

Silly "copper's". These bars can't hold me. 

I'll have this all figured out pretty soon. Can't wait to see what's next.

It's been a pretty busy month for me so far.  This 7 month thing is pretty cool. I learned so much and gotten much better at crawling and pulling myself up. I can get around the house pretty quick now. 

There's this cool song called "Patty Cake" and I am starting to form some words but I have to put the sounds to them though. My favorite word so far is "Mmmmmm". I say it when I'm eating.  I am eating more grown up food too. Some of it is yummy and some is NOT !  I don't like COTTAGE CHEESE !!!!! 

Mommy and Daddy put up a play pen area for me in the living room ! It's really big. I can pull myself up on it and work my way around the whole thing !!

Cottage cheese???

Nope. nope, nope ! No thanks !!

My new Play yard.....so cool!

I can do whatever I want in here.

Papa called me "Pebbles" today. I'll bet she's cute.

I got you girlfriend. We ROCK this look !

HOORAY !!!!! Today I turned 8 months old ! Time is going by so quick. It feels like just yesterday I was 7 months !  Hahaha, I'll be here all week !

I'm having so much fun learning things and figuring out how to do  stuff to keep me busy. There's always something new to do to help me develop.  Nanie, Granny and Aunt Sandy play with me every day and help me learn while Mommy and Daddy are working. I'm a pretty lucky littlr girl.

8 Months old !!

Playing with a few toys.

I love my circular activity center. Theres so many things to play with.

YAY !! I made it all the way around !

Practicing my Patty Cake. Look at that form !

Sometimes you need to take a break and just be adorable.

Wow! This 8 month thing is pretty hard work.  I'm gonna dream about what fun I can have tomorrow.

"Hi" everyone. February 14th is Valentines day ! Another holiday that might be my favorite.  Daddy gave Mommy a big bunch of Pretty red flowers. I'm told they are Roses. They are beautiful. There's lots of Chocolate and even Chocolate covered Strawberries !! I didn't get to eat them but I was thinking about them ALL DAY !

Granny made my hands and feet all red and we made Mommy and Daddy a special Valentines . It was fun and it tickled my feet. Did I mention the Strawberries?? Mmmmmmm. Anyways, I got lots of hugs and kisses. I always get those but I think I got even more. Everyone said I was their Valentine.............Strawberries !

Happy Valentines day !

Fancy Valentines clothes.

That's what I'm Talking about.  Right ?!

My  card for Mommy and Daddy. They said it was very special.

Mmmmmmmm....thinking about those Strawberries ! 

Maybe next year. HINT, HINT !

Febtuary 21st. Mommy and Daddy got me my own Shopping cart and it's helping me learn to WALK !  I can't do it on my own yet but with the cart to hold onto I can get all the way across the room! 

I was introduced to another favorite thing ( I have a lot of those ).  Blueberry Waffles. I love them !

New and exciting things are happening every day. I'll keep you posted.

Holding my balance.

Annnnnnd..... I'm off !!

Yummy Blueberry waffles. Why is my tongue purple??

March 4th,

Nanie and Grandpa and me had a special day today. We played "Bunny" dress up day !  I like silly dress up days. I think Grandpa was jealous and wanted to wear my ears !

Bunny ears are adorable.

Soooooo, doesn't the Easter Bunny bring chocolates??

Whaddya mean it's not til next month....

Maybe if I sit here and look adorable I'll get a snack.

Silly Grandpa, ears are for kids !

March 11, 2022

9 months old !! Boy is this going by quick. I have learned to do so many things. I have lots of learning toys and books that keep me busy. I learned how to crawl and I can walk with something to hold onto. I even stood up by myself the other day and stayed up for almost 10 seconds before falling on my butt ! Lol. Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy had to "kid proof" all around the house.

The big "9" !

Just "Chillin".

"PEEK A BOO". My favorite game.

"Whats up" Granny??

Oh man, I don't want to take a nap !

I'm gonna hide behind here so no one can see me.

Whaaaat??.  I've been here the whole time. Haha.